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I’ll get a bit personal for this post, as it will be my final one for the site.

I have enjoyed writing about Sirius Radio for the last year and a half. Even though I appreciate the frustration many of you have with the service issues and can relate to some of them, I still intend to keep my Sirius Radio subscription for a long time. I love the value of having all of this variety at my fingertips. Regular radio to me is on the way out. Satellite Radio and Internet Radio are far and above much better for quality and entertainment.

I used to dream of the day when I would get to tune in to a Radio Station that would be uncensored and barrier free. Even with the CRTC monitoring some of the stuff going on, like the American FCC, they are not touching this stuff and laying off the talent in order for them to work and deliver the goods.

Thanks a ton to everyone for your comments, criticisms and kind words. I appreciate every one of the messages sent. Hope you all continue to find reasons to stay with Sirius, and hope those at Sirius Customer Service who have read these posts take customer concerns seriously.



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  1. Steve says:

    Thanks for all of the insightful updates you have provided over the years from this site.. I enjoyed them a lot and I concur with your signing off message..Sirius does have some foibles in their service etc.. but really, I could never go back to terrestrial radio again just because like you said, the awesome variety of music and the lack of commercials which just seems to get worse and worse all the time.. Thanks again for your updates, they will be missed and keep on listening to Sirius..

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