Sirius iPhone, Sirius Blackberry and Sirius Andriod Apps


Sirius Radio is now accessible for Sirius Canada customers via applications for the respective smart phones.

Go to the Sirius Canada website section on Mobile at

Here you can download Sirius radio apps for Blackberry, iPhone, iPod Touch and Android mobile devices.  Once here click on the respective buttons at the left to download applications for your mobile device.

The apps are free for Sirius customers. If you do not have Sirius radio, you can download the app and enjoy a FREE Sirius radio trial and listen via your mobile device.

With this app you can carry Sirius radio with you pretty much anywhere you go. I realize this may eliminate the need for the Sirius Stiletto radio and the great portable features it has, but rest assured the Sirius Stiletto radio is still an excellent option for home, car and Sirius radio on the go.

I am interested in reader opinions and viewpoints on the Sirius radio apps. Please comment here for the benefit of other readers. Tell us what your kudos and criticisms of the apps.

One Response to Sirius iPhone, Sirius Blackberry and Sirius Andriod Apps

  1. Rob McDougall says:

    Is this really news?  The iPhone app has has been available since Nov 2009.  In fact, that was also the last time it was updated.

    I use this app everyday and I wish they would update it with some of the features in the U.S. version of the app (including running in the background under iOS4).  The U.S. Version of the app is at v1.3.3, so it’s had more than a few updates while the Canadian version languishes at v1.0.

    I love this app, but I would love it more if it was updated a little more regularly.

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